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 San Mateo County Parks and Recreation Commission Meeting: Proposals for a 12 month pilot for legal off-leash trail access in Pillar Point Bluffs and Quarry Point county parks moved a step in the direction toward implementation.

August 5, 2021: Commissioners voted to move two proposals for pilot off-leash access in Pillar Point Bluffs and Quarry County parks to a vote at the next San Mateo County (SMC) Board of Supervisors meeting in the fall of 2021. Peninsula Dog PAC was instrumental in rallying support for the off-leash proposals at this meeting. Next steps are as follows:

  • After eight more days for public comment following the August 5th meeting, the SMC Parks and Recreation Commission will forward two proposals that would enable a 12 month pilot program for off-leash dog access in Pillar Point Bluffs and Quarry Point Park County parks to the SMC Board of Supervisors for approval at their September/October meeting.
  • If approved (we need a good presence at this meeting!), then the County will apply for a coastal use permit later this fall. 
  • If the coastal use permit is approved, then the County will set up the trails for off-leash access (signage etc.).
  • It is our expectation/hope that the off-leash dog trail pilot program would start in December 2021 or January 2022.

  The Peninsula Dog PAC and Stulsaft Park friends and neighbors helped families feed their pets during the coronavirus crisis.

December 2020: Many of our Redwood City and Peninsula neighbors are experiencing job and income reduction due to the coronavirus pandemic. During these uncertain times, we believe it’s important to do everything we can to keep pets with their families who may need a hand. So, the Peninsula Dog PAC and friends of Stulsaft Park launched a pet food drive this holiday season — dog and cat food for anyone who needs it — partnering with local food banks and pet rescue organizations located nearby.  We received three big carloads of donated dog and cat food, enough to give sizable donations to Pets In Need, 9 Lives, Redwood City’s Safe Parking Lot (for families living in RVs) and to Life Moves helping the homeless of the Peninsula.

  We helped inform the public during the last local elections…

November 3, 2020: The fall 2020 elections resulted in Peninsula Dog PAC’s first successful outreach to local politicians. We sent out over 60 questionnaires to candidates running for local elections to learn about their positions on providing additional trail access for dogs on the Peninsula. As described on our 2020 Elections webpage, we received 50% of responses back from candidates. We then placed a signature print next to candidates that were favorable to dog access based on the surveys they completed. The information we provided local voters well ahead of the November election helped voters become more informed about the candidates.

  Two new on leash parks have been approved for a pilot program!

Fall 2020: San Mateo County (SMC) now will allow dogs on leash on some trails at Coyote Park and Junipero Serra Park. Thank you to the San Mateo County Dog Work Group, Christine Corwin of Coastside Dogs, and all of you who attended SMC Dog Work Group meetings and/or sent emails for making this happen.

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