It only takes minutes to make a difference.
Emails and phone calls make a difference.
Attending a public meeting makes a difference.

  • POST (Peninsula Open Space Trust) wants input on how to improve Tunitas Creek Beach, a new San Mateo County Park. We should tell them we want off-leash dog walking access.
    Ask for dog access by completing this survey asking for dog access.

  • San Mateo County Board of Supervisors will vote to allow some off-leash dog access at two parks, Pillar Point Bluff and Quarry Park. The exact trails where dogs are allowed off-leash and the rules (e.g., a proposed requirement that dogs be in front of their owners and within 20 feet) have not been decided and are vital. For those interested, here is the SMC Park Director’s policy recommendation and ordinance recommendation.

    Email and/or call your SMC Supervisor.Unsure which district you’re in? See this map of supervisorial districts to determine your supervisor.
    • District 1: Dave Pine,, (650) 363-4571
    • District 2: Carole Bloom,, (650) 363-4568
    • District 3: Don Horsley,, 650-363-4569
    • District 4: Warren Slocum,, (650) 363-4570
    • District 5: Dave Canepa,, (650) 363-4572

  •  Attend the Board of Supervisors meeting which is not yet scheduled. Will update at least two (2) weeks before the agenda item is placed on the calendar. It will be on a Tuesday at 9 am at the Board of Supervisors’ Chamber, first floor, 401 Marshall St, Redwood City.
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